Socialists Rally in Chicago for Socialist Revolution, Chicago Media Obfuscates and Ignores

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via, a recent march in Chicago touted by the local leftist media as "anti-war":

Background on the video via. Breitbart:
Chicago media reported on a recent march in Chicago as being an "Anti-War" march organized by students and "faith based groups" who "hope to spark change in our democracy." What they left out was the clear fact that the march and rally had much less to do with the Iraq war than it did about a far-left socialist agenda. Citizen journalist "Rebel Pundit" provides the information the media chose not to tell their viewers.

Meanwhile, one moron brings a stupid "witch doctor" sign to a Tea Party rally and we have a week's worth of stories about the '"racism in the Tea Party."
Gawd how I hate the lamestream press! Discussion via Memeorandum.

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