Sharron Angle Running for Congress?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Should she run? Yes or no, either way she is taking a shot at Nevada's 2nd Congressional District.

Politico has the news:

Seated at a kitchen table in a campaign video, Angle announced her candidacy for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District Tuesday, instantly transforming the fight for a sleepy rural open House seat into a what will likely become a nationally watched contest.

“The effort to bring the people’s voice back into government did not end in 2010,” said Angle in the video, posted on her website and on YouTube. “I won’t back down when the stakes are so high and when the job needs doing,” she continued, previewing her slogan in a subsequent e-mail to supporters.

Although Sharron Angle's senate campaign was mismanaged and therefore missed an incredible golden political opportunity for the nation to finally rid itself of one of the most arrogant and corrupt statist progressives, I say good for her if she wants to run for Congress. Her fiscal conservative bona fides are top notch.

Via Memeorandum, image via Reuters/Politico, all rights reserved.

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  1. She was a bad candidate. I think to say it was mismanaged is an understatement. She avoided the press like the plaque. You can't do that even when they are not going to fair. It gives them more ammunition.


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