Reconsidering Modern Realities... or Not

by: Les Carpenter
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I am first and foremost an avowed believer in the American Capitalist system as it once was. A system responsible for creating the greatest wealth the modern world has ever known. A system that created a nation of wealth (the USA) able to assist Europe and Japan in rebuilding their devastated infrastructure following the close of World War II. A nation responsible for the outpouring of the greatest foreign aid globally than ever seen bore in the annals of human civilization. A system that Ayn Rand understood needed to be unfettered by government interference or by business seeking special consideration either through subsidies or special tax "considerations" or favorable treatment. In other words in a true capitalist economy there would exist no such term as "to big to fail." The very fact our national leaders have accepted, and pushed this misguided notion on the American people should give all thinking Americans reason to pause and question what is really happening to our nation and its once vaunted economic system.

I am an independent conservative. Which means essentially that I favor change when experience, and or rational judgment, based on modern realities warrant it. Nothing in this dynamic world of ours remains static forever, save certain ethical principals of morality.

It is difficult, to say the least, for an independent conservative (see my Conservative Manifesto) to side with a known progressive. However, when said progressive presents an essentially sound argument based in reason and logic it requires their position be considered. And considered with an open mind unfettered by preconceived notions and beliefs. Only following additional research and consideration of the opposing viewpoint does it make sense to discard it to the recycle bin.

With this in mind Rational Nation USA asks its readership to consider the following comment from an independent small business owner left on one of my posts.. Having worked for both small business and multi-nationals in managerial capacities I can relate to, and understand his concerns.

Capitalism -- as it should and could be -- is the ideal. However, this ideal has been bastardized by both corporations and the government over many years. We as a nation are seeing the results of this today. So we have a choice. Continuing to do the same that brought us to this economic crossroads and fail. Or reconsider what "true capitalism" means and make a sharp course change to correct our ship. THE CHOICE REMAINS OURS.

Consider the following if you will with an open and unfettered mind. Then, and only then decide for yourself the right path to take. For if we become so compartmentalized that we cannot honestly consider opposing, and potentially valid views from our own cherished beliefs we are indeed lost.

Here then the comment from a reader of this independent conservative and rational sight.

TAO said...I am pro business because I own a business and have been in business for over 25 years now.

Not real sure how this competition ideal of yours would work in an economic system where "too big to fail" is just another term for monopoly.

So, pull the government out of the economy and let business compete! Tell me, are you going to break up these mega monster corporations before you do away with government? In case you have not noticed but during this "recession" we witnessing the greatest period of consolidation this nation has ever seen in banking and healthcare.

The only competition there could possbily be would be between small companies and large companies and lets be romantic...the small companies are losing their ass...

Our mega corporations have gotten so big that they have even taken over our government....and everyone on the right wants to make government smaller and let corporations compete!

I would advise all would be capitalists to read John Kenneth Galbraith if your goal is to save capitalism....

As a small businessman let me tell you, taxes are secondary right now inregards to jobs creation....what small business people need to create jobs is CAPITAL....and you can't get it from a bank me, I know that for a fact.
This progressive, and small independent business owner's comments certainly deserve consideration. While I may not agree with 100% of his views {and I certainly don't} their is, at least in this independent conservatives view, enough to give serious consideration.
As an independent conservative I have no agenda other than to seek the truth. The result of which I fervently hope will be America finding it's way back to the track from which it has been derailed by its own doings.

It is time American political dialogue returns to the traditional principals defined by the best of our founding fathers. And for those that are enamored by the current crop of GOP/Tea Party activists I recommend revisiting your history. That includes Thomas Paine, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin. James Madison et al. You may be surprised by the revisiting.

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  1. "These mega monster corporations" rely on big government. Big government is their sustenance. Those who are opposed the the monster corporations should be fighting big government with the rest of us.

    P.S. Anyone who looks to the writings of John Kenneth Galbraith for economic prescriptions is more interested in euthanizing capitalism than in saving it.

  2. Wasn't it the "too big to fail" monoplolistic companies that used big government in "Atlas Shrugged" that created all the meyhem? Seems that life is imitating art. Perhaps it's a testimonal that Ayn Rynd knew what she was talking about.

  3. RightKlik - I essentially agree on both points.

    We need to reign in spending, restore fiscal responsibility, and make "too big to fail" a forgotten phrase.

  4. madmath1 - I do believe you are correct,

    And Rand did know that of which she spoke. It is unfortunate that too few of us listened.

    Reason? It was not in mosts perceived self interest.

    Why? Because most decided they had not the time for legitimate political and or philosophical study and thought.

    We pay the price today and in ever increasing amounts as we hand off the problem to the next generations of suckers.

  5. If your local police force is corrupt and if tomorrow all your policemen fell off the face of the earth would that mean that your town would no longer have crime or criminals?

    If you actually read John Kenneth Galbraith you would realize that he recognized that without countervailing power groups business interests would be become monopolies and government would become an enabler. He also understood that monopolies kill competition and control the market of both supply and demand through marketing and that a monopoly is concerned for one thing...maintaining its own existence above all else.

    No doubt Ayn Rand recognized the same thing but the difference is JK Galbraith gives a solution or a remedy that does not involve destroying our economic system and starting all over.

    Which was the only option Ayn Rand presented.

  6. I have to run shortly so I only have a couple of questions, mostly for TAO, I suppose.

    - How do you assess the reasons behind the tight capital?

    - How long can one reasonably expect a countervailing power to remain so before becoming a counterveiling power?

  7. "If you actually read John Kenneth Galbraith you would realize that he recognized that without countervailing power groups business interests would be become monopolies and government would become an enabler."

    So Galbraith offers you pressure group warfare and simply advises you on how to increase the power of your particular pressure group? Lovely. I guess it makes sense if you're a pragmatist thug that can't imagine a world ruled by anything but other thugs and their friends.

    What Rand advocated was the principle of freedom, limited government and a complete separation of the government and economics. I.e. that the governments sole role is to protect individuals from coercion. No favoritism, no bailouts, no gov't created monopolies, etc. In that environment large companies do fail and small companies to become large companies.

    TAO you've got to start thinking in principle.

  8. Yes Shane...let me think in principle...which is exactly the logic used by Pol Pot when he decided to create the ideal agarian society in Cambodia, Or Lenin, Stalin, or even Castro in Cuba.

    That is exactly where thinking in principle gets you. To recreate your desire for an Ayn Rand based utopia you will have to destroy our current economic system and start all over...

    In any Ayn Rand novel, how many of her heros were CEO's of corporations? CEO's who manage the corporation but had nothing to do with the founding of the company and for all practicul purposes have no idea what the company did?

    How many of them were private companies where the owner was also the founder?

    How many companies that you hero worship in Ayn Rand were conglomerates? How many banks and financial institutions were hero's in the eyes of Ayn Rand?

    If you want to sell me on a principle, or on your vision of utopia then do tell me how you plan to get there from where we are today. I have no desire to follow a principle if the results end up turning this country into Cambodia, Russia, or Cuba....

    Yes, Shane I run from wild eyed visionaries such as yourself because history is full of examples of when idealism over rides reality.

  9. Steve,

    Capital is in short supply because small banks and regional banks, which is where the majority of small businesses get their capital were not bailed out and TARP did not benefit them. Then the government turned around and increased the reserves these banks had to maintain and since the meltdown we have continued to lose an ever increasing number of small and regional banks. While the major multinational banks have returned to profitability we are setting records every year since 2008 of the number of banks that fail. Business loans are not something that banks can package and resell to someone else so they effect their liquidity. Right now the only source for business capital is Venture Capital firms and they do not loan money but rather buy a position in a company and in turn that is why you are seeing so much activity in the world of mergers and acquistions...which in turn just creates bigger monopolies.

  10. Shane - As an advocate of Randian philosophy and principles I fully understand the cogent points you make.

    The challenge is to find a way to, for the lack of a better descriptive phrase, to sell them to the general populace who undoubtedly is not well read in Rand's ethical and rational philosophy. TAO as an obvious exception.

  11. TAO - The better part of valor is keeping an open mind as you no doubt are aware.

    Rand, while not perfect did understand precisely what we are addresses today.

    Just don't shoot the messenger. You as a capitalist oughtmto understand this methinks.


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