Rand Paul Responds To Obama Libya Address

So Obama made some remarks on Libya to explain rationalize his unconstitutional actions there, but Rand Paul takes him to task for contradicting his statements as a candidate.

If I may say so, Rand is awfully presidential here:

Via: Memeorandum.


  1. The fruit falls not far from the tree... Too bad there wasn't more of it! Our nation needs more men like this...

  2. Most sense he's ever made to me on foreign policy- he's right on the problem, we DO NOT know who these people are

    And frankly, Gaddafi is right... there's more than a dash of Al Qaida in this

  3. I'm slow to jump on bandwagons and Rand Paul has barely been in office a few months, but your comment that he looks awfully Presidential here is spot on.

    So it's too early for even idle talk about a bandwagon, but there is a time for every season and I predict that Rand's time will come eventually.

  4. I agree with Rand on every point. This Libyan involvement is unjustified and just plain nuts.

  5. Great video and Rand is 100% correct...awesome how he is trailblazing this issue (and others).

    But really, am I to take the opinion seriously (that Rand Paul is presidential material) from a guy living in France? :)

    J/K, of course...


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