Racist Allegations From the Progressive Left Against Rational Nation USA

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

While visiting progressive Blogistan over the last two weeks the issue of racism was, as usual, a topic of discussion. Engaging in said debate {discussion} one particular, and irrational progressive determined that I would have been a slave holder back in the day when that abhorrent practice was the order of the day in some geographic regions.

It seems that my response to the question of President Obama's citizenship, and his religious {spiritual} proclivity, was the foundation upon which this particular individual I am referring to based their judgement. Not wishing to engage in a flame war so to speak, I will not name the site or the individual to whom I am referring. My purpose is to present a personal example that in my opinion personifies the rabid progressive thought on the issue.

RN USA's Comment:
I do not know Obama loves his country. I hope he does. If Obama loves his country so did Bush. It's just a matter of who hates who. And the left is filled with hate for Bush. I on the other hand do NOT hate Obama, I just vehemently disagree with many {although not all} of his policy decisions. There are more qualified Black Americans out there that I hope run for the presidency. Would be nice if a true conservative with the ability to see the military industrial complex is on the cutting table along with domestic programs.

I for one am not sure Obama isn't a Muslim, but I'll take him at him word. if he were a Muslim that truly had this countries best interests at heart I wouldn't give a rat's behind if he were Muslim. As long as he was a US citizen, which by the way I believe he is.

As to dem's in general, I have never doubted that there are 10's of millions that love their country. Just like 10's of millions republicans, libertarians, conservatives, moderates love theirs. As to labels here's my take.... Demicans and Republicrats. It seems to me in many ways the parties merely prop each other up so as to maintain power.

Give me a good independent conservative and a good classical liberal any day of the week and I would get along with both! Great heated debate's on political philosophy and governance might happen but I suspect "republiscums" or "libtards" wouldn't be sprinkled in the vocabulary.

As I said hucksters on the right and hucksters on the left. Perhaps both major parties ought to focus on improving their performance.

 The OTHER individuals comment:
RN's cultist, blind following of Rand is an example of what's wrong with Americans. They follow, without questioning, or really knowing what the hell they are even supporting. 
And worse, think one ideology, or person has all the correct answers.
That's even worse than a Republican who has doubts about the varasity of his party, but supports them anyways.
But what can be expected of one (RN) is low life enough to attack blogs and instruct his minions to attack blogs (my blog for one) that's a good example of his brainwashed beliefs.

RN USA's response:
First Tom I instruct no one to attack any other blog, yours or anyone else's. If a differing opinion upsets you, well, I fell sorry for you. That's all.

Another point, I have no minions. However, I suppose there are those who agree with me, as there are those who agree with you.

Have a nice Day.

The OTHER individuals response:

Indeed you did attack my blog, the evidence is in the archives of my blog.
Some of the people on this thread saw it, and called you out on it at the time. And indeed some of the regular visitors to your blog, came to my blog with nothing but nasty words for me. Nothing to do with the post, or having never been to my blog before. 
And if Democracy Central lets you write for their blog, well that's why I canceled my Democracy Central membership. 
Guys like you and Bluepitbull go around attacking blogs, yet, some blogs allow them to post. That's their business. I will point out when I see your comments, that you are nothing but a blog trol, insincere trouble maker, and asshole. 
By the way, which party candidates did you vote for in national elections the last 30 years? 
There is/was no Rand party, and facts of History tell us who is responsible for the mess we have. Blaming both sides is easy for someone (you) being insincere and ducking the issues. You are an ideological, political wimp. Don't know if Obama is a Muslim? How stupid are you? 
You are a racist. 
As most racists today, trying (unsuccessfully) to sound reasonable.

RN USA's response to another commenter but really directed at all:
I first want to express that I do not question your intellectual honesty. One of my favorite bloggers is Pamela. I value her insight and she has told me on more than one occasion you are a fine liberal with great integrity. I now now this to be so.

I cannot answer as to why Huckabee or Palin, or anyone else who professes a conservatism I find repulsive act as they do. I can onlt state I shall not support them.

I am an independent conservative that has black friends as well as black people working for me. You can choose to believe this or not. 
One of the greatest honors I have ever had the privilege to experience is when a family of a black man who worked for me asked me to speak at his retirement. I was among the group of 3 other "white" people in attendance. What does that say about me? You be the judge. 
When Lee Andrews Johnson gave me a huge bear hug following my remarks I was honored. I had nothing to gain by my agreeing to speak other than to honor a fellow employee of the company we both worked for. That and acknowledge  his exemplary and unselfish military service he had given this country for 25 years of his VALUABLE life. ...., you be the judge. I stand proud. Please never lecture me on racism. I shall find it my duty henceforth to turn the tables on you. Nuff said?

The OTHER individuals final comment:
RN is a perfect example of today's greedy, selfish generation who haven't got a clue about the History of, or the blood shed by those who fought for the best wages, benefits, and thus lifestyle enjoyed by any people on Earth. 
RN's support of conservative politics, policies, and politicians has destroyed unions, the American middle class, and America's economy. 
Move to China and live in a country where you can work 12 hours a day and make 5 bucks a day. 
Had he lived in the 18th century, I'm sure RN would have been a slave holder.
RN, sit down and write a check to the union of your choice, and thank them for the lifestyle you enjoy living and working in America.
There is much more I chose not to print here. Only because if I had done so this post would have been so long few would have read it. The few excerpts I selected represent the ideological dishonesty that is prevalent in the rabid progressive who simply hates any idea or person that may be in disagreement with his or her own views and beliefs. Having said this, I recognize there are progressives that can and do engage in honest dialogue and exchange of relevant  ideas. They are just few and far between.

For anyone wishing to peruse the sights I am referring to you can get the link by sending an e-mail to Rational Nation USA requesting said links. My time in progressive Blogistan proved to be quite productive and invigorating for an independent conservative.

It reminded me why I will NEVER become a modern political progressive.


  1. Forgive the formatting of this post. It has been a looong day!


  2. Racial McCarthyism is alive and well.

    I remember the first time I was called a racist. I was proud of that. Not that I am a racist, but because I know that that label is the last defense when no other argument seems to work. It means I exausted all their rational arguments.

    It's the new bogeyman, sick and wrong.


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