Put your Weiner back on the chopping block: Downstate NY could lose two congressional districts

By Sam Foster

After Anthony Weiner, NY-9, adamantly denounced the rumors that his seat might be one of the two congressional districts to be drawn out of the 2012 electoral map, the media dropped the subject. But, recent census shows Weiner may have protested a bit too much.

Weiner reasoned that there was no way Queens would lose a seat:

"If the Census Bureau shows the state gained 2.1 percent [in population], then there's just no way you can take a seat from downstate," Weiner told The Ballot Box. "The math doesn't work. There are just too many people."

Other NY Downstate Democrats went on to argue that all the population loss was coming from Upstate NY.

BUT…now the story has changed.

Bill Mahoney is out with a report this afternoon that shows that, thanks to the dissapointing census showing in New York City, the downstate region is due to lose two congressional seats in the latest round of redistricting.

The report notes that there was much more proportional growth in the Hudson Valley area, and that four New York City-based congressional districts—those represented by Gregory Meeks, Carolyn Maloney, Yvette Clark and Charlie Rangel—actually lost population, with Clark's and Rangel's losing over 10,000 people each.

Meeks’ district rubs right up against Weiner’s NY-9. Also, Maloney’s covers a portion of Queens as well. What happened to all that, Downstate is safe talk? Meanwhile, Weiner’s fellow Democratic Queens congressman, Joe Crowley has hired a lobbyist to defend his seat.

So what is Anthony Weiner doing to protect his seat? He is speculating for a new job!

I know that I’m just endlessly speculating on NY redistricting, but I think that pundits need to take another look at everyone’s favorite Weiner.

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  1. A weasely piece of whammy... What kind of people want him to represent them?!


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