PROOF that the Tea Party is racist!

By: Wes Messamore

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips said Thursday that John Boehner needs to go (m), saying that the Republican House Speaker "did not get the message" from the Tea Party to drastically cut federal spending. But his real motives were crystal clear. Apparently the Tea Party just can't handle politicians with dark complexions.

This is getting to be too much of a coincidence with the Tea Party taking such a hard line stance against any politician with dark skin. Phillips says it's about the federal budget, but it can't really be that simple. He can't honestly believe that Washington's spending levels are critically unsustainable and need to be reduced. No one actually cares about all that boring stuff. It has to be about Boehner's skin color. It just has to be!

That's all that teabaggers ever think about- skin color. They're just so obsessed with it. Pick an issue, any issue, and I can show you how Republicans and teabaggers will just twist it into something about race. There's at least a 100% chance that at this very moment, most Tea Party people are gritting their teeth and balling up their fists in frustration and thinking about how much they hate living in a country where anyone with skin darker than Julian Assange's can run for public office and win.

If you need proof, look no further than the Tea Party's opposition to John Boehner.

Wes Messamore blogs at The Humble Libertarian.


  1. First of all, the real Tea Party Nation founder is Ron Paul! No one cares what Judson Phillips said except for truth, liberty, and freedom haters that will use any little piddly nit-picking thing to try and demonize the Liberty Movement! And no, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are not the official Tea Party spokespeople either! That's a fake establishment media takeover tactic that didn't work! The true roots of the Tea Party are 2012 candidate Ron Paul and his biggest and most important supporter, Alex Jones! Until you actually get your facts strait these rhetorical articles are truly pointless! Additionally, equating Tea Partiers to racists is RIDICULOUS AND STUPID! I can't even believe this ignorant article and it's author had the nerve to try and lie to it's readers like that! This is so childish and trivial it's pathetic! Go get a life and learn how to be a responsible and earnest adult that practices honesty and integrity! Haters and fakers are a danger to this republic and you should be ashamed for spreading slanderous lies and using blanket statements as fact! What a sick joke! Go away!

  2. Lol- no worries VidTruth. I'm actually a big supporter of the Tea Party- this piece is just satire.

  3. "Tea Party Nation" is not The Tea party movement.
    So why should I care what Judson Phillips thinks? Looks like an attempt to hi-jack what ever it can from the Tea party...
    But to say that Ron Paul is the father of the TP. I would say that Ron Paul would rather say as I do that it is a genuine grassroots movement!


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