An open letter to the pResident....

by Andrew 33, Allied Liberty News

So, Mr pRESIDENT....your chickens are coming home to roost. You have effectively blocked American domestic oil exploration. All this for revenge on "Gulf Coast" Red States for not voting for you. You lost in the biggest midterm hosing in my lifetime despite the fact that the opposition party had no in house funding.

Everything you have done since you took office has turned to crap and now you are about to make the mistake that will destroy your Presidency. I believe it was Richard Nixon who said in the midst of the OPEC oil embargo that the price of a gallon of gasoline is a primary deciding factor in winning re-election. Jimmy Carter apparently agreed with him as Ronald Reagan took office in 1981. After all he did lose the 1980 election to Reagan in the midst of the 1979 OPEC oil embargo. So Mr pRESIDENT. You're in the big chair. You get to make the big decisions and this spike in fuel prices that you created is now landing squarely in your lap.

So just what solution do you propose? Opening up restricted areas
of the Gulf Of Mexico and or Alaska to oil exploration, effectively taking the wind out of the sails of the oil market speculators was about the only domestic policy Bush got right and YOU have taken it off the table? By doing so you are robbing us of that change we could have believed in, but you are also robbing yourself of the biggest voting block you have left, but we'll table that argument for now. So you just go on thinking it's better to open up the USA's strategic petroleum reserves.

For readers who don't know, our strategic petroleum reserves are held safely for emergencies and disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, an outbreak of war in the middle east that we get drawn into (no chance of that, right), not for illegitimate Presidents to use for short term political gain at the expense of long term security.

Instead, the big O wants to take a bullhorn and announce to the oil speculators that we are so worried about future oil prices that
we are going to use our oil reserves form short term price fixing. What will those greedy speculators think of our response? I can hear them laughing all the way from wall street. Is it any real surprise that those very speculators supported BHO's election?

The only possible good thing about BHO running the price of oil up to seven dollars a gallon is that he will lose any chance of re-election and Americans will turn on liberal enviro-nazis for good.

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  1. If BHO keeps partying in Russia and sending Biden to do his job, his main voting base won't be able to afford to pay for the fuel to get to the polls and vote in 2012.

  2. Problem, Andrew, is those that will be voting against him will be starving as they won't be able to afford food.

  3. I think what you essentially have is a President that claims to be considering all options, commits to none, and then takes the easy way out. You also have a compliant media that continues to proclaim that he can do no wrong.

    Couple that with Bill Maher's stupid americans philosophy and he can saunter into the next election with a shining record full of bliss and glory.

    If you can't get a defining moment of shock about what's happening, to register long enough in the minds of people, then nothing will change.

  4. Even if we have more OIL, it won't lower FUEL prices because US refineries are operating at 100%. It will take seven years to start building one before it will trickle its first drop of gasoline out. And no one will let one be built in their neighborhood. So it doesn't matter if we drill for more oil, there is no were to refine it here (should we export it only to pay MORE for it when it is re-imported after refined?!!?). At best, we are seven years from any solution, so until Congress really wants to tackle our energy PROBLEMS, oil is just one of the many red herrings.

  5. Steve, president Bush proved that theory wrong in 2008 when he simply signed an executive order opening new areas of oil exploration. That was when gas went from $4.50 a gallon (Premium) to $1.85 in six months. Oil dealing is a speculative market, just like Gold. Putting this as simply as possible; The folks who do the contracts with the folks who sell gas to the places you buy your gas from must price in expected market fluctuations because they sign long term contracts. They do annual and six month deals, not weekly the way most people think. If they know that the next gas they buy will cost more than the current gas they have, they can raise the price or go out of business. If the folks at the top of the petrol food chain know gas will be cheaper, they lower the prices on those long term contracts and a trickle down effect takes place snowballing itself to your local gas station. We all understand trickle down economics, right? Reagan proved that one. So next time you pump your gas, remember it goes through about eight sets of hands before it gets to your car. Most people don't even realize that all the fuel in their area comes from one single refinery. There is no difference between BP and Exxon gas besides additives. It comes from the same place.
    And how do I know this you ask? Because I worked for a municipality that bought fuel long term and learned just a tad about how those things work.

  6. @Madmath: True, and that's how they felt in 80 when they elected Reagan. Do you recall the misery index? Stagflation, oil shortages? That was the kick in the pants America needed to vote for a Reagan. Let's hope we can do better this time.

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  8. @vein $6.00 gas will be just the sticker shock it will take to wake the sheeple up.

  9. And for the record, my comment about Reagan was not a knock on Reagan. I was simply stating the fact that whoever sits in the big chair in '13 will have a far greater "cluster-fuge" than Reagan inherited.

  10. Andrew, you are absolutely right about the speculation, it's why my copper investments have TANKED this week, but my agriculture ones have risen. But the thing that caused this spike has nothing to do with Obama, it has to do with the Middle East. Once things settle down there, prices will go back down, just like they did with Bush AFTER he announced reduced actions in Iraq. Oild prices, and most commoidities as I'm sure you seem aware of, are influenced by all these outside forces more so than supply and demand. So when things calm in the ME, prices will naturally come back down.
    Even if Obama opened Anwar, allowed off-shore drilling, ried ourt the natural reserves, then what? You will still have speculators reacting to world political events, weather, protests, the summer driving season, etc. What could Obama or ANY President do then after playing all his domestic cards?!?! If anything, allowing Gadaffi to have exile in the US would do more for gas prices this week than allowing more drilling!
    So if supply and demand isn't causing the rise in prices, why manipulate supplyto correct it? That's supply side economics, sounds fairly Soviet to me! hahaha. Is that what you are suggesting?


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