One-Legged Wrestler Wins National Title

By LCR Contributor Barrell Rider

Arizona State Sr. wrestler Anthony Robles capped a magnificent collegiate wrestling career winning the National Championship for the 125lb weight class by taking down defending champion and second-seeded Matt McDonough of Iowa with a 7-1 decision. The victory brought on a standing ovation from a crowd of over 17,000.

What makes this story truly unique and amazing is the fact that Robles was born without a right leg. The Mesa, Arizona native didn’t begin wrestling until he was 14 and despite going 48-0 in each of his last two seasons in high school, colleges were not very interested in giving a scholarship to a wrestler who had a seemingly hindering handicap.

But in his hometown area of Tempe, Arizona State offered Robles a partial scholarship. Just how well could the young man compete at the major college level?

Robles was competitive from the beginning and improved season over season. Robles went 25-11 as a Freshman, 29-8 as a Sophomore and 32-4 as a Junior. Robles saved his best for last with a perfect 36-0 Sr. season, culminating in a dominating effort in the championship match.

Robles says he plans on becoming a motivational speaker after college.

I’m convinced that may be the perfect career!

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