O'Keefe Beats Back An Argumentative NPR Apologist

Young James O'Keefe is interrogated by NPR's sanctimonious Bob Garfield. This is the contentious interview in its raw, unedited form:

This a classic example of the stark contrast between the stammering foolishness of the tone-deaf old media parasites at organizations like NPR and the bright and articulate citizen-journalists of the 21st century who are poised exploit the digital media revolution intuitively.

If you don't have time to enjoy the whole interview, here's NPR's sharply edited version.

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  1. There has to be a word that describes this malaise that has overtaken the media industry.
    O'Keefe does the job that the media has failed to do and yet is attacked because perhaps he has made them look foolish!

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  3. Garfield, despite his tone, got torn a new one.

    Notice how Garfield really wants O'Keefe to use emotional terms to describe things so that he can turn that back around. What was with that?

  4. Its like the whole interview is geared to getting O'Keef to say something that can be used in an ad hominem attack or similar smear job.

  5. @Shane

    Garfield was clearly flummoxed by O'Keefe's measured responses.

  6. O'Keefe's a smart kid. We need more like him!


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