Compiled by RightKlik

Operation Enduring Narsissism ~ FrankFaith

Operation Desert Teleprompter ~ Bytor3BP

Operation O-pocalypse ~ FrankFaith

Operation Shock and Flaw ~ tweetjerseygirl

Operation Cognative Dissonance ~ iowahawkblog

Operation France Did It First ~ grammy620

Operation Warm & Sarkozy ~ Jimi971

Operation Follow France ~ irishspy

Operation One Term President ~ deppisch

Operation FINE! I'll do something ~ trmircat

Operation "Prices will necessarily skyrocket" ~ hibernianhilble

Operation Mulligan ~ Jimi971

Operation Summer's Eve ~ iowahawkblog

Operation Watch From Brazil ~ calebhowe

Operation Brazilian Wax. No more Bush! ~ NotChrisRock

Operation Enduring Vacation ~ rachel_j

Operation Present ~ stix1972

Operation Organizing for Libya ~ MDMRN

Operation Code Pink is Okay With This For Some Reason ~ pepper_10

Operation Nobel Cause ~ RightKlik

Operation Double Standard ~ timharder

BONUS TWEET: "Hi #p2. FYI, we r currently at war w/a Middle Eastern, oil-producing country that's not a threat to us & w/o Congressional approval, right?"

EXTRA BONUS: Khadaffy must've planned 9/11! #excuses ~ Michael Moore


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