Obama Refers to Disaster in Japan as "Change"

By Proof

You know, it's bad enough with all the crises going on around the world that could benefit from a little leadership from the Leader of the Free World, and Jughead is giving us his basketball picks. But, it gets worse! Or maybe it just reflects how seriously he takes catastrophes that don't affect him personally. At :48 in the video:

"Obviously we are going through incredible changes all around the world. Most recently...Japan..."

Change?? Uh, yeah, Barry. Some "change" goin' on over there in Japan! What an oddly inadequate word to describe thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands homeless and billions of dollars of damage. Someone get this man his teleprompter!

Now remember that, with the economic malaise the country is going through, with higher gas prices, inflation in food and consumer goods, high unemployment and no end in sight to the problems of the housing market, that Obama campaigned for "Change". "Change" apparently is Obamaspeak for "Unimaginable economic catastrophe".

Iran is arming Hamas, Japan is suffering catastrophic economic, social and disruptions, US casualties have risen in Afghanistan (despite the crickets chirping in the so called "anti-war" movement), unemployment is rampant in the US, our energy policy or lack thereof will lead to shortages, hardship and inflation, and Barry wants to share his basketball picks with the world.

Unfortunately, it looks like we're due for a lot more "change" under Obama's "leadership".

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  1. He's an embarrassment.

  2. You can sure say that early and often!

  3. Only now do we know precisely what he meant by 'change'.

    What an embarrassment, indeed.

  4. He's quite a leader, isn't he? He's pathetic.

  5. "laser-like focus on jobs"...


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