Newt Gingrich off Fox?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Apparently Gingrich (and Rick Santorum) is off of Fox (because he is *probably* running for the Presidency), but I have to ask -- why should we even care? Gingrich was the topic of a brief conversation I had today at work. I loathe the Newt, I'll be honest. It's part personality, part legacy from the 1990s and part untrustworthyness.

I summed up what I thought of him and I'm paraphrasing here: "tons of personal baggage," "an uncanny ability to brilliantly verbalize a key conservative point in a brilliant pithy, unrehearsed manner then resoundly insert foot-in-mouth 20 seconds later," "has-been hawking religious books," "would be a stranger to public discourse if not for the press (especially Fox)," "an uncanny ability to betray conservatives and cater to the Beltway (I know, that's redundant)."

I love this from Dan Riehl who sees a future for Karl Rove's Fox News' magnanimity:

Not sure why this is a big deal at Memeorandum. It's an appropriate move. As for Rove, I don't think he'd have a prayer of winning but if we can trick him into forming an exploratory committee, maybe we can get his ass thrown off the air, too.
I say we start a Draft Karl Rove website right here right now!

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