New study shows that Michelle Obama and food labeling are useless

By Sam Foster

Little more than a month ago, Michelle Obama dissed food manufacturers and their new labeling system, because she didn’t think it went far enough in disclosing nutrition facts. Mrs. Community Agitator advocates even more straightforward food labeling.

A new study shows that food labeling has little or no affect on one’s propensity to purchase food:

The study shows that just over half of adolescents and adults noticed the calorie counts after labeling began in New York, but only 9% of adolescents and 16% of adults who saw the information said it mattered to them.

"Both populations are seeing it, but it's not translating into a change," Elbel says.

People purchased the same amount of calories before labeling began and after, the study shows; for adolescents, it was about 725 calories, and for adults, about 600 calories. Elbel says adolescents who were alone tended to buy more food than parents bought for their children.
Of course, this “new” study didn’t find anything that we couldn’t have learned in the old studies. Which leads one to wonder, if science doesn’t agree with the Obama administration, does it make a sound?


  1. next step-michelle obama will force legislation wherein any food bought will come with a "calorie crier" at checkout. basically, its someone who stands at the register and makes sure you know just what you are eating.

    that'll spur the economy on and shame people into making the correct and healthy food choices (/liberal'd)

  2. "You're not really going to eat that?"

    Quote attributed to my wife.

  3. So what has this failure cost businesses? Did she have a calorie chart at the rib shack to dissuade her?


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