The New Gotcha Question

The gotcha question is a cherished tradition in American politics. It's a simple formula, e.g., ask a candidate how much a gallon of milk costs, hope he stumbles, then portray him as "out of touch" with the common man.

Now lefties have found a new source of gotcha questions for conservative candidates: Islam...
ThinkProgress, for example, caught up with GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain yesterday at the Conservative Principles Conference in Iowa... TP asked a good follow-up question: "Would you be comfortable appointing a Muslim, either in your cabinet or as a federal judge?" Cain replied:

"No, I would not. And here's why. There is this creeping attempt, there is this attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government. It does not belong in our government. This is what happened in Europe. And little by little, to try and be politically correct, they made this little change, they made this little change. And now they've got a social problem that they don't know what to do with..."
So not unlike Juan Williams, Herman Cain has chosen to be honest about being uncomfortable with Islam in certain contexts. Not unlike Mitt Romney, Cain isn't planning to appoint Muslims to cabinet-level positions.

I find it absolutely fascinating to see that leftists, who are universally uncomfortable with a displays of the Ten Commandments in the court house, are so determined to put representatives of Islam there.

So here are some questions for the Soros suckers at Think Progress:

Would you like to see a Scientologist on the next president's cabinet? How about a Raëlian? Would you be comfortable with a member of the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you hope to see more Positive Christianity in the judicial system?

Maybe some of these questions should be directed toward Barack Hussein. Ask him if he plans to appoint any Black Liberation Theologists any time soon. Or did he renounce BLT when he threw his dear reverend under the bus?

Update: BigFurHat has questions, too...
[W]hat if [Cain] said that his cabinet would be completely secularized and contain nothing but atheists, adhering to the interpretation of the 1st amendment as stated by progtards? What would they say? Foul?
Update II: Via The Right Scoop...

Update III:

The Other McCain: Herman Cain Refuses to Be Intimidated by Political Correctness

Update IV:

CAIR goes crazy: CNN bases an entire story around CAIR and makes no mention of their well-known terror connections and recent testimony by FBI chief Mueller stating they cut off all contact with them over “questionable leadership.”


  1. One more reason why I really like Herman Cain is that he appears to be the ONLY person interested in running for 2012 who isn't afraid to tell the truth about islam. That's why I like Allen West so very much, but Rep. West insists he's not running so Herman Cain IS the one for me to take the WH.

  2. Yeah, so lets push the ENTIRE religious agenda, whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Scientology, Buddhism, whatever right ofr the clif of political consideration.

    No religious dogma has a place in American political discussions. PERIOD!

  3. "I find it absolutely fascinating to see that leftists, who are universally uncomfortable with a displays of the Ten Commandments in the court house, are so determined to put representatives of Islam there."

    Damn good point. I think the answer is that they share islam's enemy: scientific, technological, industrial capitalism. That's why they shifted so fluidly from scientific, proletariat marxism, to primitive, animistic environmentalism. Without so much as a public announcement. Its the same with islam. The left doesn't have a goal, just an enemy, capitalism and profit. Anyone and anything that's also an enemy of capitalism, they'll support.

  4. Der Hermonator!
    There's no consistency like the truth!!!


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