Moore: Protesters Have 'Aroused a Sleeping Giant'

By Proof

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Mr. Moore: How much do you actually know about what you're talking about?

Yes, Michael Moore, that scion of dishonest editing and legendary corpulence has told a crowd of cheering Lilliputians that they have awakened a "sleeping giant".

Protesters in Madison have "aroused a sleeping giant" in the national fight for workers' rights, filmmaker Michael Moore told thousands at the Capitol Square on Saturday, as rallies opposing Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposals wrapped up their third week. "Right now the Earth is shaking and the ground is shifting under the feet of those who are in charge," said Moore, the Oscar-winning maker of "Bowling for Columbine," whose documentaries also include "Fahrenheit 911" and "Capitalism: A Love Story." "America is not broke ... Wisconsin is not broke," Moore said. "The only thing that's broke is the moral compass of the rulers."

Like nearly everything else, Moore gets this all completely backwards. The country is broke. Many of the states are broke, and the "sleeping giant" they have awakened is the American taxpayer, who is expected to pick up the tab for the large living of those in the public sector.

Mr. Moore may be shielded from the unpleasantries of unemployment and government spending run amok, thanks to the millions garnered from his fauxcumentaries, but if he would ever crack open a book or a newspaper (anything but another package of Ho-Ho's), he might learn that spending more than one takes in leads to poverty...being "broke", in the vernacular. His favorite president has spent the country to the near brink of disaster, pushed farther and faster by pandering to the "Green" Wing of the Democrat party.

Moore is clearly either delusional in his grasp of the current Obama economy and mood of the taxpaying public, or he's testing the waters to see just how brain dead his fans are, to gauge how far removed from reality his next fauxcumentary* can be and still make money.

* Fauxcumentary: Art form developed by Michael Moore, using dishonest editing to propagandize whichever cause he feels will make him the most money. Sometimes abbreviated "Faux cu".

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  1. Well it looks like at least one giant slob has been awakened.

  2. I doesn't matter one bit whether the Federal government is "broke" or the states are "broke." The problems of structural deficits were conceived in both times of misery and times of plenty. The nation ran an ilusory surplus not to long ago, when revenues poured in from an economic bubble. The states were flush with cash during the most recent bubble.

    When times are tough, the left says "spend."

    When times are good, the left says "spend."

    Venezuela ran trade and budget surpluses during the oil boom.

    The failure of the welfare state and central planning is inevitable. While we can use budget famines to unwind some of these statist innovations and political giveaways, it's only temporary. The next time the Demon Rats are in power they will return spending to its "normal" course.

    We must always remember the fundamental tenets of American government - that government has ONLY the power we give it, and that people have rights independent of government action.

    Moore is right, in a way - as long as there is wealth for them to steal, we are not broke. As long as they can erode the value of money by creating more, they are never broke.

    We must resist the urge to say, "We cannot afford that," even if it's true. We must say, instead, "We are not permitted to do that."

    To the extent that we can pose economic, political, and accounting arguments in our favor, we will succeed only in the short run. We must hold true to the forms upon which the nation was founded, and reserve talk of the wisdom of change to proposed Constitutional amendments.

    Most people think government can and should address every matter and manner of ill fortune. The Preamble is touted by leftists as carte blanche, and people accept that sophistry.

    We must re-educate people to understand why our government was created with limited powers.

  3. "Moore is right, in a way - as long as there is wealth for them to steal, we are not broke. As long as they can erode the value of money by creating more, they are never broke."

    well said, and damn frightening.

    of course, moore is worth MILLIONS, sends his kids to private school, and was never the product of blue collar workers, as he would have you believe.


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