Madison Rally Definitely NOT Bigger Than Biggest Tea Party Rally

By: Wes Messamore

ThinkProgress reported (m) yesterday that the pro-union (or to be more precise: anti-choice, as in anti letting workers choose for themselves whether or not they want to join a union and pay its dues) rally in Madison, Wisconsin had 100,000 in attendance according to police estimates.

To begin with, the anti-choice crowd cheering on union thuggery in Wisconsin have spent weeks gushing about how the police in Wisconsin are on the side of the unions despite police unions being unaffected by some of the provisions in Governor Walker's controversial budget bill. So just maybe, by their own admission, the police estimates here might be a little biased- just a little.

But leaving that quibble aside and granting the full 100,000 turnout for unions (and against actual workers), ThinkProgress moves on to claim that this is more than the turnout for the biggest Tea Party rally, the Washington 9-12 rally in 2009, and this falsehood was repeated over, and over, and over again. To arrive at this conclusion, ThinkProgress repeated the completely fabricated and totally inaccurate estimate of 60,000 - 70,000 in attendance that day.

I call bullshit. Simply cross-reference photos of the 9-12 Tea Party rally showing crowds packed along the entire length of Pennsylvania Avenue in addition to the National Mall with the crowd estimate schematics used by the National Park Service to determine the turnout at President Obama's inauguration earlier that year, and the facts simply defy any deranged stretch of a "progressive's" imagination that puts the crowd total for that day anywhere less than the million reported by the UK's Daily Mail and most certainly anywhere less than 100,000. Don't have the time to dig up all that stuff? I did it for you.

Oh and PS: for any self-styled progressives (after all what's progressive about the feudalism you romanticize and support?) reading this, I am not a white, middle-aged, member of the Republican Party, I didn't vote for John McCain, and I wrote this article all by myself without any help from the RNC or Fox News... so get over yourselves.

Wes Messamore blogs at The Humble Libertarian

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