Longing for those days where Party bosses picked Republican candidates

Sam Foster

Below is from Mike Murphy, a supposed Republican political consultant who has consulted all our favorite Republican politicians like John McCain, Jeb Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger. God, I’m so glad he’s on our side???

There was a time in the Republican Party, before the chaos of the Internet, cable TV howlers and all the rest of the modern campaign circus when pragmatic political bosses would labor silently and effectively to prevent train wreck candidacies like Michele Bachmann from sprouting up and distracting attention from the very serious business of nominating the party's Presidential candidate. No more, alas.

Yes, how dare someone try and just run for an office. What do they expect in a Democratic primary process, democracy?

It’s the hubris of guys like Murphy that makes Bachmann so attractive. The best thing he can do to sink Bachmann’s candidacy would be for him and the Frums of the glorious pragmatic Republicans to stay silent.

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  1. I totally caught the same thing last night when I read this...recently in my history course I read about the "bosses" of the the late 1800s that controlled local party politics and thought to myself that leaders today would love that kind of power...

  2. "...very serious business of nominating the party's Presidential candidate."

    Serious? Ha,I am scratching my head on this one. i.e. McCain? Prolly just a mental lapse.

  3. I agree that the best thing that can happen to Bachmann to move forward her candidacy is to have old rigid establishment Republicans - like Murphy - come out against her.
    It is due to the failure of these dinosaurs that we now have the Tea Party and a host of young technically capable new Republican governors and Representatives. That has been their only contribution.


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