Kristol's Wisdom On the Libya Situation

by: Les Carpenter
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Here we go again. A neo-con talking-head advocating military action against another sovereign nation. Not because this nation has committed an act of aggression against the United States and it's people. But rather to allegedly protect the people of Libya against their own despotic and tyrannical head of state. Gosh, wouldn't it be best left to the Libyan people to take care of their own issues. Or perhaps we all should view it a regional issue best left to those living in the middle eastern "sphere of influence?"

Of course Mr. Kristol throws in the usual stuff about the possibility of Qaddafi resuming his terrorist activities and his nuclear activities. Anyone hearing Iraq revisited? Anyone hearing Military Industrial Complex and the money to be made? Maybe it is just me.

At any rate here is the video of Kristol hawking the neo-con {non conservative} position on Libya.

Perhaps if we are going to do anything we ought to send a Mafia hit squad over to Libya to whack him. The job would get done, it would cost American taxpayers a h*ll of a lot less, and the people of Libya would be free of their despot.

Just saying. What's anybody else's thought on the matter.

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  1. We won't get fooled again!

  2. F' em. Let France deal with it.

  3. All a waste of time imho

    Col Gaddafi's already won the war

  4. LCR. I am astonished that you made this a "hit" piece on your blog. The man in the street (in Lybia) has not had a chance in 40 years to overcome this supressive regime. Yes, I believe the USA has an opportunity that is quickly passing away. The opportunity doesn't even have to have troops on the ground at the moment, perhaps in the future. But what better place to put our American GoodWill and TROOPS than in Lybia???? Are we suppossed to stay home with our heads between our legs???
    What am I missing from your usual sound postings?

  5. I totally agree, Les -- we would be better off dropping a bomb on Quadaffi's palace (or tent) and being done with it. Better yet a covert op would work too.

    I'm sorry, Rosewood, I think Les is correct here, I don't think that American troops should be put at risk in Libya.

  6. rosewood59 , we have no business going where we are not wanted! I for one am sick of the lack of appreciation that the world has shown us. We try to help others have freedom and what do we get? Besides, we don't have the money...


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