Kimesia Smith arrested for attacking Burger King while wearing a bikini

By Sam Foster

Bikinis can be worn on the beach while getting a golden tan or while commiting assault and battery while ransacking your local Burger King:

A complaint about a Burger King order at a beach location turned into a brawl last weekend.

Investigators said Kimesia Smith, 23, was caught on cell phone camera yelling at counter clerks in her bikini. At one point she jumps on the counter and hits a worker with a water jug.

Police say Smith was not on spring break, but rather a local of the area. An 18-year-old employee did decide to press charges.

Remember, whatever event you choose to wear your bikini to, have fun.

A better quality video below.


  1. Matthew 7:6................look it up & learn

  2. @Truth
    I'm not sure what you allude to with Matt7:6, but in my opinion what we are seeing is fulfillment of what is written. The actions( and non-action of others) of this woman is what will become more common place in the future...
    This will be why the Governing class will say we must have more laws to control the masses!

  3. Speechless is right.... but sadly, not surprising.

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