John Hawkins: 7 Questions for Liberals About Obama's Libyan War

by the Left Coast Rebel

Obama is facing some flak from his leftward flank but for the most part crickets chirped on the left as the nation -- propelled by Obama -- entered war on a third front.

John Hawkins from (but at has a pretty good list (click the link to expand each query) of questions to ask your liberal/Democrat friends regarding the war in Libya:
  • Isn't this a rush to war?
  • Is Obama invading Libya because Gaddafi insulted him?
  • Is this a war for oil?
  • Where are the massive protests?
  • Shouldn't we have tried to talk it out with Gaddafi instead?
  • Aren't we just starting a cycle of violence by bombing Libya?
  • Isn't Barack Obama a chickenhawk?
The list above isn't all-inclusive but covers the bases of leftist hypocrisy regarding the fresh war in Libya. Number 8 should be something about intellectual consistency: I look forward to watching my liberal friends squirm as I bring up each and every one of these points.

Remember to forgive them for they know not what they do, decades of straight-jacket brainwashing and intellectually undigested slogans have left them this way!

Obama/Patton image c/o Saberpoint, related discussion at Memeorandum.

Updated: Another one to add to the list:
  • Isn't Obama, by his actions, "creating" more terrorists?

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