"I'm Giving up Hope"

By Proof

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Gasoline is creeping up to $4.00 a gallon here in California, and the lines are getting longer at the pump, but I may have the following engraved and mounted on my dashboard, to remind me just how much worse things could be.

Millions of people spent a third night without water, food or heating in near-freezing temperatures along the devastated northeastern coast..."I'm giving up hope," said Hajime Watanabe, 38, a construction industry worker, who was the first in line at a closed gas station in Sendai, about 60 miles north of Soma. Just then, an emergency worker came over and told him that if the station opens at all, it would pump gasoline only to emergency teams and essential government workers.

"I never imagined we would be in such a situation" Watanabe said. "I had a good life before. Now we have nothing. No gas, no electricity, no water."

He said he was surviving with his family on 60 half-liter bottles of water his wife had stored in case of emergencies like this. He walked two hours to find a convenience store that was open and waited in line to buy dried ramen noodles.

And those are the lucky ones...

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  1. News just keeps getting worse over there, doesn't it? They need America's help, and I hope this administration does everything it can to help out.

    Yeah, and it makes you appreciate your own life a little bit more.

  2. Perspective, indeed. We should all be a little more thankful for what we have.

  3. As bad as it is for Japan, it could be worse. They could be a 3rd world nation like Haiti. This is horrific enough and this is a 1st world nation, I wouldn't want to imagine if they had 3rd world problems added to it.

  4. And it should also remind us to do a little emergency preparedness ourselves. Whether it's an earthquake, or a power outage, or a hurricane, or just some drunk hitting a power pole, there are times when basic services will be interrupted.

    Make yourself an emergency preparedness kit: Water, a flashlight, a battery powered radio, first aid kit, some canned goods, a wrench to turn off the gas...it could come in handy one day.

    Ask the Watanabes...


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