I found raaaaacism on The Other McCain’s Blog!

By Sam Foster

There are some obsessed with the idea that Robert Stacy McCain is some closet raaaaacist subliminally lacing his thousands of seemingly non-racist posts with raaaaacism.

Today, I have evidence and can confirm, without possibility of doubt, that Stacy McCain promotes RAAAAAACISM (that's with 5 As) on his blog. I snapped the screen shot below should the obligatory raaaaacism later be removed.

That’s right folks! An ad for a dating site, exclusively for those of African-American complexion!

Please join me in protest by going to RSM’s offensive site and clicking on said ad should it appear! I for one am willing to camp out all night on his homepage. To pass the time, I may read several of his articles in the hopes of finally cracking his subliminal raaaaacist code embedded in his posts.


  1. If it's your blog, it's your responsibility. Right? I shouldn't have to ask, but what would happen if that ad were for people of "european looking descent"?

  2. I should have to say this but the previous comment wasn't exactly serious.

    If you believe in the free market, it should be free for everyone. Here, locally, people are making a big to do about private businesses advertising in Spanish. If I was opening a business in Miami, I'd advertise in spanish too. Where government is concerned, it's a different story. If people of darker persuasion want their own dating site so be it. Most Americans wont be using it anyways.


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