How Planned Parenthood uses Mammograms to increase counceling not access to mammograms

By Sam Foster

Pajama's Media has accepted and published my latest article on yesterday's Planned Parenthood Mammogram scandal. Below is a little taste:

In general, a referral could be seen as increasing access, because doing so reroutes a misguided caller to appropriate help. The problem in Planned Parenthood’s case is that they, seemingly, are intentionally misleading people seeking information. As a result, their actions constitute limiting access to mammograms.

Planned Parenthood in Southeast Iowa advertises free mammograms provided by the state. It is apparent from the webpage that Planned Parenthood is not performing the mammogram — but you’ll also notice helpful and valuable information is not provided, either. There is no reference to the state’s webpage with detailed information on the program, or to the county administrators in charge of the program. Instead, readers are directed to contact Planned Parenthood. Instead of being a conduit of access, they are using the program to drive bodies through their doors, thus injecting themselves into the process and standing in the way of people looking for access to free mammograms.

Google “free mammograms in Iowa” and Planned Parenthood tops the search list over Mercy Medical Center, a facility that actually offers mammograms and even refers potential candidates for free mammograms to the state program’s website so they can get informed without a consultation.

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