Governor Walker implements union employee paycheck increases today

By Sam Foster

I’ve wondered why Governor Walker has been pushing hard for the implementation of his repair bill. William Jacobson points out something I didn’t consider before:

With the law now in effect and paychecks getting an increase since union dues are not being withheld, Democrats are the party arguing for a reduction in state worker paychecks.

This is an angle that was missed in the WI mess and of course, will not get covered. Walker may have cut workers bargaining power with the state, but in demolishing automatic union due deduction, he gave union employees a very big bargaining chip in employee relations with their own unions. And when only half of union employees actually agree with what their unions are doing, this sounds like an undeniable benefit.

Plus, the extra money is nice.

However, I strongly doubt that this is going to significantly sway public or union employee opinions.

The Prefessor gets his own memeorandum thread. Nice!

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  1. Brilliant point, Sam, brilliant point. It's amazing that many (if not most) of the union members that protested Walker's plan probably had no idea that if implemented, it would actually increase their pay.

    What a world we live in..


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