Gary Johnson - Create Jobs; Eliminate Corporate Income Tax

by Chris W., Libertarian Patriot

No argument here.

Companies do not need corporate welfare as tax breaks, subsidies and bailouts are just the
government's way of picking winners and losers. Instead, we need to allow all corporations to be on a level playing field and be able to invest their earnings back into their companies and employees while allowing them to better compete on the international stage.

Gary Johnson's solution for creating much needed jobs and getting our economy back on track is simple and it allows business to do what it does best in the free market; make money and create jobs. And the former NM Governor would know; he turned a one-man handyman business into a multi-million dollar corporation that employed over 1000 people.

The Daily Caller
As a matter of basic common sense, taxing corporate income has always been a fundamentally flawed concept. Corporations are things — not people. They don’t pay anything. The people who do the paying are shareholders, employees, vendors and others whose incomes are reduced because government is taking a cut right off the top of a corporation’s profits.

Eliminate the government’s cut, and those dollars will flow to shareholders in the form of increased income, to employees in the form of higher wages, and to investments that will actually put more people to work. All of those incomes will be taxed, but in a more logical and broader way — and the government will come out just fine in terms of revenues.

Some estimates place the number of jobs that could be created by eliminating the corporate income tax as high as 2 million. Even if the number is less than that, virtually no one disputes the fact that it would create a substantial number of real, private-sector jobs. In his State of the Union speech, even the president acknowledged that reducing the corporate tax would create jobs.

Eliminating this double tax has always been a good idea. Today, it has taken on greater urgency. First, we clearly need to let the economy breathe and create jobs. Second, our current corporate tax has become a major competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace. Nations from Canada to several of our European competitors have seen the wisdom of reducing corporate taxes, leaving us to steadily move down the list of investment-friendly places for job-creating businesses. We simply cannot afford to let that competitive slide continue.

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  1. NO WAY! This was the original source to fund the federal govt.
    Not income tax!

  2. Reb

    Thanks for putting this up and spreading the word about Gary Johnson. His business experience and his record while serving 2 terms as Governor of NM puts him head and shoulders above the current crop of GOP contenders.

    It's only a matter of time before the LSM takes notice.

  3. Be careful of what you wish for.

    My thoughts on the matter:

  4. Good points in the comments, corporate taxes do fund a lot of federal and local government programs. But aside from that issue, IF you allow them this privileage, then we must remove the other "entity" benefits they have regarding donations, especially to politicians, funding elctions, and any other "First Amendment" perks that they hide behind to further their agenda. Why should corporations, and not mom and pop self employed folks get the benefits of INDIVIDUAL'S rights, yet not have to pay the taxes that go along with them?!?!


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