A Fractured Nation

by: Les Carpenter
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The picture to your right represents businessmen {forgive me ladies I couldn't find a picture with businesswomen in my limited time}working together in teamwork to find resolution to business problems that effect them all. As well as those who work for and depend on them making the right decisions for the business. The business that pays all their salaries and upon which all their livelihoods depend.

Teamwork. Concept seems simple enough to me. I am sure it does to you as well. Hm.

If the above paragraph(s) make any sense at all then does it not make sense that teamwork in government might make sense as well? Just asking because I sure as hell haven't found the answer to that question on conservative blogs {even my own}, conservative news sites, liberal blogs {including Truth 101}, liberal news sites or anywhere else for that matter.

I find myself wondering why. Cant't help it. There is certainly a wealth of intelligent fiscal conservatives, Libertarian, modern  liberals, classical liberals, social conservatives etc. and yet we find our nation in the most divisive state since perhaps the mid 1800's.

I just recently felt a strong need to take a hiatus. Still do. But as I spent the time bouncing from site to site, including conservative, Libertarian, and liberal I began to realize that each and every one of them really want what is best for America.

Having thought the above I had to ask myself just what is it that I feel is best for America. After going through the list of my fiscally conservative, moderate  Libertarian, and classical liberal beliefs  I realized it is the need for the proponents of all the varying belief systems, and political  principles to talk with each other rather than at each other.

It is time for all special interests to put American interests first. It is time that labor unions recognize business is their life blood. It is time that corporations recognize that labor is the engine that drives their success. It is time that corporations, labor, and government actually acknowledge this nation is indeed standing on the precipice. It is time for solutions. Time for American solutions to the unique problems that are America's.

A I stand prepared to be criticized by both the hard right as well as the hard left I stand ready. As an independent conservative, the owner of  the site that is the Birthplace of Independent Conservatism, I know that America has a population that indeed loves their country, its Constitution, and its way of life. Which for all you far left leaning dudes and dudettes is pretty damn good!

Now, as I prepare to once again return to my well earned, if I may say so myself, hiatus, I shall leave my thoughts for your consideration. I assure my brethren of the fiscal conservative right, and my brethren of the moderate Libertarian center, and my brethren of the Classical Liberal left, I have not, and will not forgo weighing in on all issues of state and national importance based on how I view them from my unique perspective. I simply have grown to realize that no political or philosophical premise can stand only on its own beliefs. We are a diverse nation of ideas. We always have been.

Is that not how our founders saw it? It is not correct ? I leave it to you to decide.

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  1. Ha, of course, this is the smartest and best post I have read on this site and I'm the only one to comment two days later. I think that answers your question. The reason you don't see teamwork in CONGRESS (not the government, 99% of them are there regardless of party affiliation and work hard) is because there is too much money and attention (ie getting votes) by drawing attention to oneself and be divisive. This will continue to happen, and probably get worse, as long as the media plays up both sides, like there are only TWO sides to every issue, and both parties continue to elect non central leaning House and Senate leaders. Even though I agree with you that everyone one on each side, even regular posters on this site, want what they think is best for the country, there is a big difference between talking it and actually accomplishing something. Yelling and putting up sarcastic posts or making comments on Hannity or Maddow's shows aren't forwarding the country, they just continue to keep people in their corners.

    It is for THAT reason that I feel that President Obama IS doing a good job. He is one of the few people willing to compromise and move towards the center to get things accomplished. I see very few other people doing that here.

  2. I do not necessarily share your views of Obama. While he is making some small movement towards the center his political ideology remains decidedly leftist.

    Any movement he is now making is likely to shore up his chances for reelection. Of course if that should happen, and I for one am hoping it doesn't, he will not be constrained by the need to run again.

    Politics should be rough and tumble. Differences need to be aired and sometimes passionately. But at the end of the day, for a republican form of governemnt (ours is a democratic republic)to flourish, decisions must be made that majority believe will benefit the nation. That is the power of the ballot box.

    Sadly too few people of this nation use the ballot box. As well as many fail to educating themselves on the issues.

    I note that no one other than you commented on this post. I actually anticipated this might be the case. However, I appreciate the opportunity given me by the blog owner to post it here. The important point is I had the opportunity to spoke my piece. As an independent conservative with moderate Libertarian, and classical liberal it is enough for me.

    The rest is up to each other individual to view issues as they see fit. Hopefully with an open mind.

    Thank you for stopping in. I encourage you to return as there are several fine contributors with different, albeit conservative viewpoints here at LCR


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