England Gone Irrational

by: Les Carpenter
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The world is indeed upside down. The reliance on government to do everything for the people, even that which they ought to be doing for themselves, has become such a part of the modern English culture it has turned violent.

As can be seen in the following video clip the the once proud and reserved English have seemed to have lost their ability to reason. I guess once addicted to the candy store of Leviathan government and it's socialist handouts it is difficult to face a different and stark reality.

h/t The Telegraph:

Could the United States be next? Being somewhat a realist I would say there is a good possibility we will. Only time will tell.

More coverage on the uprising over governments budget cuts in Briton.

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  1. Haven't we seen evidence of this already in Madison? And other places as well... Has the MSM been forthcoming with all?


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