Donald Trump Beating the Lamestream Press at Their Own Lamestream Game, Releases "Official" Birth Certificate

by the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday The Donald released his "official" birth certificate, here's a shot of it:

It's beyond funny watching The Donald masterfully command the birther issue, first deliberately releasing an unofficial birth certificate copy, only to follow up with releasing the real deal above.

Being that the lamestream press is so ragingly incompetent, leftist and corrupt, they clearly don't get what he is up to, which his simple: He has picked the most controversial, headline-grabbing topic to push that promotes his name and brand and makes the press look even stupider than they are. Let's face it, Trump touting a flat tax plan would not have as many people talking as the birther issue does.

And I am almost 100% certain that he is not serious about running for the Presidency of the United States, he's just promoting himself and his brand.

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  1. I agree! they are idiots (MSM) He releases his COLB and then they demand he release the *real* birth certificate. LOL!

  2. Totally, AGII, it's pretty fun watching this play out!

  3. i am getting a big ol' bowl of popcorn for this one! i hope Trump keeps it up. he isn't one to be easily ignored or brushed off as a loony birther!

  4. I'm not really a "birther", but what I find interesting is that there is no response from the WH. And then Abercrombie said he would produce it and that story goes quiet.
    But most of all, how does a candidate qualify without it?! Who is ultimately responsible for this?! Or should I say Accountable?
    Too many questions and not enough answers...

  5. I love the fact that Trump has drawn attention to the fact that Obama's media is scrutinizing Trump more than they've ever scrutinized Obama.

  6. Maybe Obama was born in the U.S. but he's hiding something. He wouldn't have spent so much money trying to keeep his birth certificate under wraps if he wasn't.

    Trump isn't afraid to mess with Obama like the rest are. He'll teach the others how to fight and quit being cowards about hitting back hard at Barry using any means necessary. Sarah was the only one with guts to go after Barry last time, but she was hamstrung by McCain's people. Trump won't give a damn. He'll go after Obama with a vengeance.


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