Chris Christie on Collective Bargaining

by the Left Coast Rebel

This video of Chris Christie ties in well to the previous post regarding American's supposed reluctancy to cut entitlements:

We need a lot more straight talk like this.

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  1. Collective bargaining should belong to those paying the bill? As in "We the people"?
    Why not? After all, it's our money!

  2. Tim, I like his attitude but I believe there is some hedging going on. I think Christie knows that doing away with collective bargaining in a deep blue, union dominated, Democratic-controlled state like Jersey is a non-starter.

    If the PEUs were bargaining with Christie alone that would be one thing but they aren't/wont' be. Even if they were, Christie won't be around forever.

    I do appreciate this guy's bull dog mentality but that clip seemed rather self-serving.

  3. Dean - I watched this again and have to agree, thanks for pointing that out. We have to be on constant alert for self-serving pols, even those who we like (I really like Christie, at least his bull dog persona).


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