Captain Louis Renault Award: Nina Totenberg

"Learn to Speak Tea Bag" (Courtesy NPR)

Nina Totenberg is shocked — shocked to find that smug anti-Tea Party, anti-Republican and anti-Christian bias and bigotry exists at her news network, NPR:
NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: I can’t defend the executives, the top executives, and I can’t necessarily even defend the board, but I can defend the product. There is a reason that we are the only news organization, other than Fox, with a growing audience. It is because of our product which is straight-shooting, factual, and spends an enormous amount of money gathering news from all over the country and the world. Judge us by our product. The people in the newsroom were probably more mortified than Charles or anybody in the Tea Party, or any, any anybody else. I mean, we were just horrified, and not by the political incorrectness of what he said, but by the fact that he even thought this way.
Mortified! Horrified!

Oh Nina, you're so clueless. That's okay, we'll help you.

Remember this "mean-spirited attack on people who think differently" brought to you by the straight-shooting, fact-obsessed folks at NPR?

Straight-shooting and factual.™

(By the way, NPR was forced to admit that their bigoted cartoon product was "mean-spirited" "name calling" but they loved the video so much that they kept it up anyway.)

The controversy over NPR's "Learn to Speak Tea Bag" cartoon was only mentioned by a few obscure media outlets (e.g., The Washington Post, Fox News, The Washington Examiner, and NPR) so we can forgive Totenberg for being blindsided by reports of effete NPR executives who think that Americans are stupid, gun-toting racists and that the GOP has been infiltrated by scary white evangelical mutant ninja turtles.

This week's Captain Louis Renault Award goes to Nina Totenberg!


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Nina Totenberg is shocked — shocked to find that bigotry exists at NPR (Video)

Straight-shooting and factual.™

PS: When will we see a "Learn to Speak Fleebag" cartoon video?


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  2. Another Fleabag award nominee--"Byronius" of New Worlds, aka one Bubba Bellamy , chiropractor-supplies seller from Sacto (Holy Subluxation , batman ).

    The Tea party are the descendants of southern segregationists, says Byro. Perhaps Byro would like to tell that to Mr Cain and his supporters.

    Byro. also forgets that most southern klansmen were...Democrats (initially at least). The GOP-- hardly perfect--is the party of Abe Lincoln. Then why bother with the facts of US History, when yr an ex. acid-head turned mormon, as is Bubba Bellamy? (not to queer, steroids popper, flunky, mental patient, most likely roofie-rapist).

  3. I am shocked.Shocked I tell that NPR is bias.
    Ducks lighting bolts.

  4. Nina Totenberg... Now there's a nice European (German) name... Toten = dead, berg = mountain, hill, heap, pile... dead pile!
    A place where the lifeless are put.


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