Busy but Doing just Swimmingly

by the Left Coast Rebel

I received a few emails today concerning my absence here at LCR -- thanks for checking in guys, I'm just fine, just incredibly busy but incredibly happy to be so. In fact, I am busier than I have been in the previous 3 years. 3 college courses are whoopin' me into collegial fitness (boy am I rusty), business (unfortunately and fortunately) has picked up rapidly at the same time that I resolved myself to resume my education and there simply aren't enough hours in the day to do it all.

Compounding things, I see that the LCR gang -- Proof, Rightklik and Rational Nation (and C-Gen and Barrel Riders are M.I.A) are in the same boat. Needless to say content here will be lean for a bit but we aren't going anywhere and I fully intend to blog as time allows and intend on reemerging invigorated. I can't wait to pull up Memeorandum in a few minutes to see what nefarious activities our illegitimate government has been up to.

Thanks for your patience!

Updated: Is there something in the water? What's going on?

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