Blood for Oil: Obama Attacks Libya, In Bed With Halliburton

How beautifully rich... via Yahoo, a list of CEOs traveling in Brazil with Obama:
The list includes the CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt; Aris Candris, CEO of Westinghouse; John Faraci, CEO of International Paper; Anthony S. Harrington, CEO of the Albright Stonebridge Group; and last but not least, James T. Hackett, CEO of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Director of Halliburton Company.
So where are the anti-war hippies and conspiracy theorists when you need them most?


Intervention is just a grab for oil, say Libya's allies...
"They want to seize Libya's oil," Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Gaddafi's main ally in Latin America, said on state television.

Chavez said the military action was "irresponsible" and nothing but "interference in the internal affairs" of a country.

"And behind this is the hand of the US and its European allies," he said.

Birds of a Feather: Hugo Chavez ♥ Code Pink

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