Black Political organizations create “desegregation is racist” message for GOP

By Sam Foster

A concentrated urban area comprised almost uniformly of black residents has been a source of extreme political power for black politicians. However, the recent census is showing that black populations are dispersing into the mixed communities of the suburbs. The trend has black political organizations preparing a “desegregation means racism” message for Republicans:

With new census figures showing blacks less concentrated in inner cities and spreading to suburban communities, Morial says African-Americans must be vigilant against subtle discrimination when states redraw their political maps.

In Michigan, for instance, mostly black Detroit could see its clout diminish in Congress after losing a quarter of its population. Black lawmakers say they want to make sure that redrawn political maps - which are being guided by the Republican-controlled Michigan legislature - reflect the growing minority population in other cities and suburbs elsewhere in the state.

In Virginia, where almost a fifth of residents are black, African-American members of the state legislature are calling for a second U.S. House district that would favor black candidates. But some redistricting experts say that redrawing lines to do that could be difficult, partly because blacks are somewhat spread out in the state.

Republicans are racist because black populations are dispersing and intermingling with white populations. How dare people mix and live together without consulting black leaders first?

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