Are Your Irish Eyes Smiling Today?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I am wearing *a little* green today. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Please be safe and enjoy yourself tonight if you are going to partake in a little of the (green or otherwise) bubbly. On second thought, make sure that your adult beverage of choice is not green.

Speaking of Proof that God Loves Man: It's it about time that St. Pattie's Day is taken seriously:

Head over to Proof Positive's place for a little Irish music and Reaganite has a great post up regarding Ronald Reagan and his Irish heritage.

Via Google Trends.


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day

  2. A reaction to St Patrick's day may be noted in some quarters. Like among various liberal moralists....and mormons--such as one Byro "Bubba" Bellamy, mormon tee-shirt salesman from Sacto CA. Here's the she-leigh-leigh in action:

    byronius wrote,

    """Well done. Now ye’ve awoke the Mickish Ire agin ye.
    They’ll drink ye to death, it’s their Great Power.""""

    Mickish. Heh--I doubt the pedazo de mierda would say that in an irishman's face.


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