Al Franken Partially Right - But It's Only Part of the Story

by: Les Carpenter
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Al Franken, the comedian turned politician, is right about one thing. The internet ought to remain free. As in government keep your frigging regulatory hands off.

Mr Franken, a strong advocate of Net Neutrality, which could potentially result in the governemnt, through regulation, insure a particular political or economic bias gets a greater amount of play is  no doubt angling to stifle conservative thought in favor of the progressive and supposedly enlightened thought of the day. Pick your flavor and size as it will soon change. Truth and consistency are concepts that conveniently escape the rabid progressive mindset.

Similar to The Fairness Doctrine, implementation of Net Neutrality {or
re-implementation of The Fairness Doctrine} could very well result in limited or no access to thought that opposes that the ruling political class.

In case that last statement flew over the heads of then progressives it essentially opens the door to governmental censorship of information.  In other words the sword could cut both ways.

Perhaps I am  naive. Or perhaps I am partisan. Or maybe I just don't trust the government and it's bogus claim  that it is acting to "protect" the right of the people to open and free flow information and ideas.

A truly open government would recognize the need to allow for the free and open exchange of all ideas. And if the governemnt keeps it's meddling hands off the internet we will all be just fine. After all, Rational Nation USA, as well as all other conservative, progressive, reactionary, anarchistic, anti government, pro government, religious, atheist, and all other sources of thought now have free access to express their views. The only reason to regulate the internet is to restrict information, thought, and opposing views that differ from those in power at any given time.

People, be careful of what you buy into and thereby allow to become reality. 

Read the full article by Politico here.

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