(VIDEO) Robert Redford Hypocrite

by the Left Coast Rebel

Somebody pass the popcorn, I can't think of better entertainment than watching a video that documents the absurd hypocrisy of Hollweird leftists; exhibit a. in this case being "eco-warrior" Robert Redford. Like most limo-libs out of Hollyweird, Redford screams eco-lunacy from the rooftop of his multi-million dollar mansion(s) yet profiteers from the very system that he chastises us all for being a part of.

Yes, Robert Redford is a hypocrite:

Brought to you by the fine people at Not Evil Just Wrong.


  1. He's a liberal...that's really all you have to say. The dominoes all fall in the same direction after that.

  2. LL nailed the bottom line... Lib! He's another Marxist dupe.


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