(VIDEO) 'Gold Rush: Alaska' Season 2

by the Left Coast Rebel

Gold. Adventure. Dangerous conditions. Personality clashes and boiled-over tempers. A potential $15 million-dollar gold bonanza buried deep beneath the Alaskan soil.

What's not to like?

I was late the game regarding Discovery's 'Gold Rush: Alaska', I started watching the show just a few weeks ago. If you haven't heard about it, 'Gold Rush: Alaska' follows an unemployed band of "green horn" Oregonians as they pursue their dream of striking it rich in the gold-laden wilderness of Alaska.

The show premiered December, 2010:

'Gold Rush: Alaska' came to a close recently as winter finally shut the operation down. Good news, though, season 2 is coming next spring:

You have to read the profile of miner Todd Hoffman (who spearheaded the mining effort) to get more of a taste of the guys in the show and what motivated them. In particular, note his comments on the American Dream and how that inspired him to frontier the group's gold mining effort. For further reading and videos visit Discovery.com.

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