(VIDEO) Full Video of Governor Chris Christie's Address to the American Enterprise Institute

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's still creating some buzz on the net. It's called leadership. Note that he doesn't use a telemprompter. Please watch the hour + video below, consider it an introduction of Chris Christie to the nation, of sorts.

Christie has done good things in his state and he seems pretty insistent that he is not running in 2012. Due to the extremely weak GOP field at this point, can this nation afford him not running?

Here's the full video of Christie's address to the American Enterprise Institute yesterday:

Yesterday here in San Diego KOGO's LaDona Harvey took calls related to Chris Christie and the address above. She noted the "weight issue" in Christie's potential presidential candidacy. Fortunately, every single caller to the show opined that Christie's weight does not matter. At all. If anything callers thought that Christie's size shows his humanity and allows him to project an even-tougher, bigger, Italiano persona. I am hardly one to think that the "Mittens" Romney's chiseled-chin, perfect hair, perfect look, is what is important for our nation at this point (that, and he's a statist).

Christie's not perfect (here, too), but he's one of the only leaders in the nation right now that has had the guts, gravitas and cajones to stand up to the special interests that are fleecing his state's taxpayers. It's an example for the nation. He has started the dialogue. And as he notes in the showing above, his approval is up, for doing the right thing. Listen up, establishment Republicans -- this is what we want and we want it now. We don't want lip service to cutting spending and getting between the American taxpayer and the taxpayer-fleecing public unions, lobbyists, corporate cronies, insiders... If you can't deliver then get the hell out of the way and let someone rise that can and will. If you don't, you will be relegated to permanent "stupid party" status and thrown into the dustbin of history.

We want it now and Chris Christie has delivered in New Jersey!

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  1. Gov Christie would do us all MUCH more good by remaining a winning governor, showing how the rest of the governors can and should deal with state problems. Running for president is a fool's errand.


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