SPLC Slanders Pamella Geller

by: Les Carpenter
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The Southern Poverty Law Center has just named Pamella Geller, a Manhattan blogger, and her group, Stop the Islamization of America a hate group. Branding the group a posse"of anti-Islamic protesters" the SPLC proves yet once again they are nothing more than a far left totally out of touch with reality fringe organization.

Pamella Geller's work to educate people on the dangers {and evil} of extreme Islam should be applauded. Aside from the fact Islam denies women basic civil and human rights, Islam also preaches Jihad which means struggle. To the extreme Islamist it is interpreted to mean struggle against all who are non Muslim {infidels}and refuse to be subjugated to Islamic or Sharia law.

Why it is the left refuses to acknowledge the truth behind extreme Islam and it's desire to dominate the world is beyond understanding. Anyone who has taken the time to educate themselves on Islam, read the Koran, and has even a smattering of knowledge about Sharia Law would realize therein lies a great danger to America.

The SPLC, rather than speaking the truth about extreme Islam, has chosen to vilify those like Pamella Geller who recognize the dangers and have taken action to mitigate and neutralize them. Education is the best way to counter threats such as those presented by the Islamic extremists. This is what Pamella and others have tried to do. And everywhere they are met by ill advised and misguided resistance from the far left.

One only need look at the rate extreme Islam is spreading across the globe. Rather than assimilating with the cultures they "adopt" extreme Islam demands that the country they "adopt" accept the Muslim cultural norms and in fact demand special rights by virtue of their religion.

The extreme Islamist would have you believe their religion is one of peace and tolerance. When in reality it is one of gross intolerance. Any religion that treats women as second class citizens in the 21st century, that demands strict obedience to Islamic {Sharia} law, and looks the other way with respect to "honor killings" of girls or women that are deemed to have brought shame to the family is by my definition completely intolerant as well as irrational, immoral, and criminal.

Perhaps the SPLC should return to its roots. When founded in 1971 it was primarily a civil rights group and had a viable purpose. Today it has sunk to the depth of labeling as hate groups any organization that questions its far left George Soros funded agenda. It even went as far as to compare Geller and her group to the KKK. Ridiculous and an epic fail!

Pamella Geller is doing by far more to foster civil and human rights than the SPLC is capable of ever understanding. The SPLC is so steeped in the political correct statist agenda of the far left it sees only hatred for any opposing views. Perhaps in a stroke of honesty the SPLC ought to name itself a hate group.

I suppose I just put myself on a watch list. So be it. The truth is the truth. No amount of evading the truth will change it. Truth remains the truth.

Keep up your good work Pamella. There are a lot more of us that have your back than have the SPLC's methinks. Even if some of us may be afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation such as you are experiencing...

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  1. I'm not surprised but certainly this is very disappointing...again, our local Government fails to see, recognize, acknowledge and believe the facts of Islam. I suppose most conservative bloggers and organizations who stand for the Constitution and against Islam will all be branded as "Hate" groups.

  2. Les,

    If it's any consolation I, of the UCSGCIM, have labeled them a hate group right back! The buggers!



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