Simple question: Which qualities do libertarians want in a President

by Andrew33 for the Left Coast Rebel

What do libertarians want in a leader for the highest office of the United States? Well, first of all, most Libertarians want a strong leader. Weak leaders will acquiesce to the progressive and 2/3rds progressive parties.

Libertarians want a leader that will bring our military home and redeploy our military so that it protects us, not Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Japan, the UAE, Kuwait, Afghanistan, far do you want me to go? That leader would use the money saved by not paying for the defense of the world to strengthen our military and pay down the debt.

A libertarian would want someone from outside the rank-and-file of American politics, yet one who knows the real players on world politics and finance. That person would have a strong record of leadership and have executive experience.

A libertarian would want someone who can fix our broken economy without increasing presidential powers or the size and scope of government.

A libertarian would want someone who could handle the hostile press as the great ones like Reagan and Clinton (say what you will about Clinton, but his mastery at handling the press saved his Presidency).

Now while I support Allen West (understand that I worked for his campaign and learned a great deal more from him that I will most people in a lifetime), a candidate that libertarians don't seem to be taking seriously but should be is Donald Trump. Now, before you curse me out and put me on "ignore", hear me out first...then curse me out if you so choose.

First, Trump is calling for real budget cuts. He wants nations that utilize our defense capabilities to protect America. He states that any nation who wants the protection of our military should pay 100% of the operating costs to operate in their nation. He also wants to bring the majority of our fighting troops home in favor of defending our own country, not fighting for oil in Iraq or staring at North Koreans with big guns pointed at them for the next 50 years.

He wants to renegotiate NAFTA top to bottom so that it is done on a per-person basis so that to achieve fair trade, a nation with half our population must keep a balanced import/export ratio of 1 item per person to achieve fair trade. Implementation would absolutely require a diminished role for union bosses as most American support.

Trump sees the UN and OPEC akin to poorly run labor unions he would put an end to thugs like OPEC taking advantage of the USA. Consider this: we have fought 2 public and more classified wars for the Saudis and we had to pay them to use their bases to protect them from Saddam Hussein while the Saudis got the most lucrative oil deals.

Trump is electable.

Many libertarians are angry because Trump gave the honest truth at CPAC regarding Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the father of the modern libertarian and tea party movement and is one of the most important leaders of our time. However, he is unelectable and here's why: This is the TV age. If a candidate doesn't look good on TV, they are unelectable...ask John McCain. As much as I like Ron Paul, I agree with Trump that he is unelectable without multiple primary wins and winning the "powerball" lottery.

Trump has plenty of press experience, knows all the players in international business from the Chinese to OPEC. He has created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars worth of wealth during BHO's fiscal and economic insanity.

As a bonus, Trump also has as much face recognition as Sarah Palin, but without the demonization of the press. Add to that just about all the American people are ready for a President that is not afraid to fire somebody for not doing their job or walk out on a negotiation to get better terms for the country.

Personally, I was amazed at how much Trump knew about international politics and what he thought of the path we are on economically and how quickly any respect the world had for the USA dried up after Bush left. Trump said it like this: during the last campaign, a great deal was made of "the rest of the world liking us (the USA). To be honest, how much the world likes us means absolutely nothing unless the world respects us." The only reason countries pretend to like is if for that billion or so we pay Madagascar to study their 3-eyed toads. Trump mentioned placing human rights requirements on any donated money for food and this would have nothing to do with the UN "human rights" department.

For those of you worried about social issues and "the religious right", the next president will be so focused on cleaning our fiscal house, that social issues will be forced to take a back seat. Also, Trump's message of repealing obamacare and cutting other programs combined with tax reform in the direction of fair/flat tax ideas exactly what this country needs.

There are a number of economic conservatives that think Romney is a better choice of you are going to take someone focused on the economy. Trump has done far more an far more areas than Romney ever has, plus Romney still (to my knowledge) has yet to either take credit for Romneycare or admit it was a big mistake

If nothing else, I hope this at least lets some of you take a second look at "The Donald." He does seem to have the "midas touch" with many of the companies he has overseen. America needs a CEO on Chief or better yet, a "salesman-in-chief" who can attract the big companies that are considering moving to India and China to reconsider. I am not telling you how to vote or who to vote for but before you lump Trump in with McCain, Bush, Gingrich or Scott Brown, at least listen to what he has to say. He didn't get to where he is by being an idiot (which is change you can believe in).

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  1. If you are looking for someone with a libertarian platform and real world experience, you need to look no further than Gary Johnson?

    Gary Johnson built a one man handy-man into a multi-million dollar business and as a 2 term Governor of New Mexico vetoed over 750 spending increases during his 8 years in office.

    Gary Johnson is pro-liberty and anti-war so he fits the mold perfectly for what this libertarian is looking for in the next President.

  2. I say let him declare and bring his game to the table either as a Republican or a Third Party like Ross Perot. Everyone says that unless you are from on of the two parties you can't win or you can't govern, but that is complete BS. Perot would have won if he hadn't dropped out and got back in. The Donald is well know and has lots of big money experience, but he will need to get past the reality TV persona and become a solid straight talking adult that puts the Joker to shame. I would be willing to vote for the guy it he produces a solid plan.

  3. This post isn't much different than something I might see on a MSM outlet... "midas touch"? What has that to do with bankruptcy?
    The MSM also gives Ron Paul no real coverage. The "unelectable" term is just an effort to downplay what truly a threat to the same old business in DC...
    Trump and Romney are about as Libertarian as Nancy Reid and Harry Palosi are.

  4. John, just out of curiosity, can you back up your statements with any sort of reason?

    As I said when I began the post, I am a West supporter, however, the area where I live brings me into contact with Trump's achievements and his political views often as for one thing, he lives here, for another he has spent quite a bit of his fortune here. Our local newspaper (the Palm Beach Post hates him which if you knew the post, that would give you one reason to like him). I also live just a few miles from his massive Golf Course. Trump took the most worthless piece of available land my county and put his high end golf there. Trump saw value in something the county that nobody wanted at any price. The ultimate result was that the area around the golf course didn't see property values fall nearly as much as in other areas. Keep in mind that this golf course isnt across the tracks in the wealthy area of Palm Beach but in the very modestly priced area south of PBIA. He was told by everyone including the media and local govrnment that putting his project there was a waste and wouldnt make a dime. That was a decade ago. Not only is the golf course still there, it has expanded and has also increased revenue coming in to the area at a time when it is desperately needed. Taking something everybody else thinks is worthless and turning it into something everybody wants is the definition of the "Midas touch", but that is neither here nor there. The point of the post was asking everyone to simply listen to what the man has to say, then make a judgement on him.
    John, 2 months ago, My view of Trump was identical to yours, however, I listened to what he had to say, his views and the reasoning behind his views and realized that I was wrong about my admittedly ignorant opinion of him. I am only asking others to do the same. Your reaction was quite similar to the reaction of many others upon hearing that someone else was running for President. That person was Ronald Reagan.

  5. Trump? A pompous egomaniac sure to give Wall Street and Mega Business an open highway to "screw" the American public.

    The businessman that should have been seriously considered was Steve Forbes. He was not. I can not imagine supporting Trump for president anytime soon, or later for that matter.

    Ron Paul would be my choice. But his age, the lack of fair media coverage, and a not so hot TV persona and speaking voice hampers his ability to get his message through. I'm sure his book hasn't got the read it deserves either.

    I agree with Chris, Johnson would also be a solid choice for conservative Libertarians.

    John is correct Trump ain't no Libertarian.

  6. Since when is someone whoe wants to control trade from the top down and make it "fair", a libertarian. Yes, he does have some things which are good, but at the end of the day, he wants to control trade, he wants to control the currency, and he wants to control (promote) American businesses.

    I see another Ross Perot, who sounded smart in the beginning, but his populist ways make him anything but a libertarian.


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