Right Wing News' Conservative Blogger Poll on the 2012 GOP Field

by the Left Coast Rebel

I didn't take part in John Hawkins' presidential poll over at Right Wing News, although I have taken part in other polls in the past. There's some good news (Herman Cain and Chris Christie place well), some bad (candidates, that, in my opinion, are not good candidates), and some ugly (libertarian republicans place low). Sixty-three bloggers took part in the poll.

Here's the top 9, "who would you like to see as the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012":

9) Mitt Romney: 1.6% (1 vote)
9) Mike Huckabee: 1.6% (1 vote)
9) Haley Barbour: 1.6% (1 vote)
7) Jeb Bush: 3.2% (2 votes)
7) Michele Bachmann: 3.2% (2 votes)
5) John Bolton: 6.3% (4 votes)
5) Tim Pawlenty: 6.3% (4 votes)
3) Herman Cain: 11.1% (7 votes)
3) Mitch Daniels: 11.1% (7 votes)
2) Sarah Palin: 15.9% (10 votes)
1) Chris Christie: 36.5% (23 votes)

It's encouraging to see Christie place so high, Herman Cain and Mitch Daniels also beat the Palin vote by 4 (40%), which is good, too (sorry, Palinistas).

I found this interesting, too; the "Dark Horse candidates" preferred:

9) Ron Paul: 1.6% (1 votes)
8) Gary Johnson: 1.6% (1 votes)
6) Rick Santorum: 3.2% (2 votes)
6) Donald Trump: 3.2% (2 votes)
5) Jon Huntsman: 4.8% (3 votes)
4) Rudy Giuliani: 9.5% (6 votes)
3) Michele Bachmann: 15.9% (10 votes)
2) John Bolton: 19% (12 votes)
1) Herman Cain: 41.3% (26 votes)

Nice to see Herman Cain placing well. Good job, Stacy! Seriously, Stacy McCain over at The Other McCain has been way ahead of the curve in regads to Herman Cain and has been beating the Herman Cain drum for an eternity (in 2012 presidential politics, that is).

On this note, some conservative Cain-candy, courtesy of lucky-dog Right Klik who caught Cain Fever at CPAC:

Check out the Right Wing News blogger poll here. Visit Herman Cain's exploratory commission site here.

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  1. Herman Cain on the 'Dark Horse' list... you racist! heh

  2. Haha, Steve, I didn't even think of that. Remember, I'm a libertarian conservative so that, by default, make me a racist!

  3. I probably first heard Herman Cain on the Neal Boortz show. I first heard Cain speak live in July '09 at a tea party rally and I was mighty impressed. When I mentioned that speech on my blog, the very first comment on that post was a petition for Cain to run for prez. I had no idea how serious that idea would soon become.

  4. I just want a candidate I can vote "for"... All the past elections, I have voted against the dirt-bags only to be voting for a less dirty dirt-bag.


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