(The Real) State of the Union 2011

by the Left Coast Rebel

My buddy W.C. Varones just sent this over, someone that he knows cooked it up. Humor at the expense of the nation's Chief Executive Looter is a great tonic, indeed:

Notable excerpts:

(1:20) - This is just a part of the corruption that can rot a society and rob people of opportunity, Democrats and Republicans -- it is how we make our living.

(2:40) - We've made great strides over the last 2 years in using technology in getting rid of rights enshrined in our Constitution...and we'll cut through red tape to get rid of more...

Updated: Life is just as strange as satire or fiction. Via Memeorandum, Obama was hoist upon his own petard in regards to the Florida federal judge's recent ruling striking down Obamacare -- in 2008 Obama compared Hillary Clinton's individual mandate proposal to forcing people to buy homes to end homelessness...


  1. That was great! I needed a good laugh... But sadly, not all that far from truth!

  2. surprisingly (sarcasm), the left immediately called judicial activism.

    which i don't understand. as cited above, obama clearly stated the impact of a mandate and why he was against it.

    and all during the healthcare "debate", democrats argued that the mandate was necessary for the entire bill to stand.

    so judge vinson merely affirmed what obama (mandate is unconstitutional) and the democrats (non-severable) have been saying. if anything, it's activism for the left.


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