Reactions to Romney at CPAC

Mixed reactions to Mitt Romney's CPAC speech via Twitter:

Dozens of CPAC kids more interested in a fake Palin than a real Romney: ~ jmartpolitico

Romney looks and sounds presidential, but *IS* he presidential? ~ sistertoldjah

No, he's RINO ~ tatt2d

Hi. I'm Mitt "Individual Mandate" Romney. Watch me lose tens of millions of dollars in a pointless effort to become president! ~ jpodhoretz

Romney wants the presidency so bad, I'm almost inclined to vote for the poor guy. Like a four year pity date or something. ~ resnikoff

I really, really like Romney, I voted for him in '08. I just can't get past MassCare. ~ CraigR3521

The best part about Romney getting the nomination in 2012 is that he'll lose & we'll finally be rid of him. ~ BrentTeichman

Romney CPAC cheat sheet: Good things--America, federalism, free enterprise, founders. Bad things--Europe, organic food, Chicago, apologies ~ khennessey

ROMNEY trying to re-create himself into a Conservative from a RINO. Don't believe it. Remember ROMNEYCARE. ~ SueDinNY

Funny to hear Romney talk about Obama reinventing himself ~ GarrettQuinn

Best joke in the speech so far! ~ LizMair

Mitt Romney will never apologize for America. Will he apologize for Mitt Romney versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0? ~ MattCover

Mitt Romney will never apologize for America. Okay, but will he apologize for the individual mandate idea? ~ stackiii

I wonder why Romney didn't tout his highly successful health care reforms at CPAC11 ~ imillhiser

Why isn't Mitt Romney talking about the abject failure of government-run health care? Does he want me to? I will... #handsoff ~ stackiii

Romney: These job fairs and unemployment lines are president Obama’s Hoovervilles and they’ve got to end. ~ jnsmall

CPAC Romney: Limited government is the answer! Hmmm... RomneyCare = Limited government? ~ RightKlik

Romney hasn't figured out how to explain Mass.' Romneycare (quite similar to ObamaCare). Never mentioned it in CPAC speech. ~ CTuckerAJC

Romney slams Obama's "they get, we give diplomacy" at CPAC ~ TobyHarnden

Romney hasnt officially announced. His speech uses conditional tense in ref to presidential run. #GrammarNerd ~ ProLifePolitics

VOTE FOR MITT! The man who couldn't beat the man who couldn't beat Obama! ~ RichardMcenroe

Hard to believe Mitt Romney is 63 ~ JimGeraghty

Even harder to believe he's a Republican! ~ ironelbow

Mitt Romney just shook my hand and I asked him how I can get my hair like his. He said, "Your hair is just as great." ~ RyanRMiner

Donald Trump needs to ask Mitt Romney who makes his hair. ~ sarahbellumd

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  1. ObamaCare = RomneyCare, RomneyCare = ObamaCare

    RINO.... For Sure!


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