Put Clarence Thomas "Back in the fields"

By Proof

Oh, My! I've always said that liberals were irony impaired. Listen to a "Valley Girl" tell you that the "racist" Tea Party makes her ashamed to be an American, right before the racist progressive says that Clarence Thomas should be impeached and then "sent back to the fields".

Justice Alito, according to this shining light of the Left, should "go back to Sicily"! For anyone in touch with reality, Judge Alito was born in Trenton, New Jersey. Not quite sure which part of Sicily that's in!

What about toning down the violent rhetoric, like President Obama asked?
"Roger Ailes should be strung up. Kill the bastard!"

And he wasn't the only one in favor of lynching Clarence Thomas. Good thing liberals never threaten anybody! And anyone want to bet that that lady's big pink hat isn't lined with tin foil???

So, let's recap: The peaceful enlightened Left would torture, lynch and subjugate anyone who disagrees with them. But the "Tea Party" is "racist". Got it!

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