The President Who Stood By Our Side

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  1. That now, unfortunately, was an eon ago. Look at the fiasco the world has become since he left office 22 years ago (starting with two of his few,but biggest mistakes, Sarah Day O'Connor and Bush Sr., the next president who was elected more because of Reagan and not for him). To think that there are people voting that weren't even around when he was in office which leads me to ask them: how would they know a good leader when for the last 22 years, all we've had are bad ones (yea yea, Jr had a few moment,but his farces out weighted his virtues), each worse than the predecessor? I shutter what our choices may be in 2012 because each election, the choices, much less the results, have gotten worse. Now I long for a Deloren with a flux capacitor so I return to the better days.


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