Obama's Magical Misdirection Tour

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The big story today is about the Obama administration's turn about on defending the Defense of Marriage Act. In my opinion, this is little more than misdirection.

In a week where Obama's strongest union allies have not only been exposed as busting the budgets through outrageous salaries and benefits, but also their ugly intransigence over the prospect of having to share even the merest fraction of the suffering of the taxpayers who support them, has not put liberals in a good light. Add to this the continuing debacle of Obama's foreign policy (or lack thereof), in being AWOL on Libya, the murder of American citizens on the high seas, (two years after Obama became keenly aware of the problem), the rising cost of energy, high levels of unemployment, and what do you have from the White House to show the smallest modicum of leadership?

Ooh! Look over there! Gay marriage!

Regardless of what Obama does or does not think about the merits or Constitutionality of either gay marriage or the DOMA, with all the things on his plate, on what planet does opening up a new can of worms show leadership? I think that this is nothing more than a smoke screen to stir up the social conservatives with an issue they feel more strongly about than some of the others*.

The Supreme Court can determine the Constitutionality of DOMA. The Leader of the Free World needs to exhibit some leadership. Sooner, rather than later.

*Update: It is also a sop to certain segments of his own base, which I gather are none too pleased with the overall performance of Team Obama to date, either.

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