Obama White House Really, Really wants to Extend the Patriot Act!

By Proof

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Look familiar??

Remember The Patriot Act? The eeeeeevil George Bush wanted to single handedly strip away the privacy rights of Americans everywhere and guess who wants to extend it longer than even House Republicans do? If you said Barack Obama, give yourself a cigar!

The Obama administration said Tuesday it wants a three-year extension of Patriot Act surveillance authorities, far longer than the timeline proposed by House Republicans.

The White House released a Statement of Administration Policy that says it "would strongly prefer enactment of reauthorizing legislation that would extend these authorities until December 2013."

The Republicans ask for a nine month extension of the Patriot Act, and the Obama White House says, "More! More!" On the surface, it looks suspiciously like the third term of George W. Bush. But, upon further reflection, the reason for Obama's enthusiasm for the Patriot Act revolves around his nutroots constituency.

The reason why Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate would like a three year extension, is to put the next renewal well past the 2012 elections, where it would be embarrassing for them to support measures for the security of this country that were instituted under George W. Bush.
This is one can they definitely want to kick down the road!

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  1. It's amazing what happens in politics, when the shoe's on the other foot....

  2. Or, Obama wants to retain the enhanced surveillance powers so his enhanced statist "regime" can more easily keep tabs on law abiding US citizens who oppose his shenanigans.

  3. Funny! I don't see anyone from the far Left going after Obama or Senate Democrats over their acquiescence to George Bush's hated Patriot Act.

  4. You know, the Republicans aren't as innocent in this. They are working with Obama and more Democrats than Republicans were the champion of liberty and freedom yesterday. Sad isn't it. It is a Republican who wrote the legislation for a permanent extension.

  5. I agree with Les, Obama wants to use the extra-constitutional powers granted by the Patriot Act to advance his statist agenda. This proves why the Patriot Act -- in good hands or bad -- is bad law.

  6. It is flat out wrong! Unconstitutional! And yes we hear nothing but crickets in the left field...

  7. Everyone seems to disdain oppression. . . until they become the oppressor. Didn't this dumba$$ vote against its renewal when he was senator, and I use that term lightly?


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