Obama Refers to Himself as "The Gipper" -video

By Proof

I think he meant "Gypper". He must have misread the teleprompter!

Is there no end to this guy's self delusion and self aggrandizement?

H/T Rob Port
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  1. Oh Gibbs must have felt it such an honor to give one up for the "griper"... Maybe he got a tingle up his leg too! What a POS!

  2. Can you imagine Reagan dithering over what tie to wear? This guy has "leadership" stamped all over him! / sarcasm

  3. What a freaking douche nozzle this guy is

    Meanwhile, the Gipper's grave-tach is pegged at 10,000 rpm...

    We're disgusted too, Mr President

  4. RR: Nothing says "leadership" like having a committee pick out your tie for you!

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  6. I have a graphic here that will amuse, in time fore the 2012 Presidential Election: WIN ONCE WITH THE GYPPER!



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