Obama Compared to JFK...and Found Wanting

By Proof

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Rush Limbaugh, on his show yesterday, played a montage of the fawning MSM comparing Obama in his speech to the US Chamber of Commerce, to JFK.

E.J. DIONNE: It was a John F. Kennedy sort of "ask, uh, what you can do for your country" speech!


LARRY KUDLOW: ...stealing a page from JFK.

JOHN HARWOOD: A JFK-style challenge to businesses...

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: ...a Kennedy-like call to action!

MARK CRUMPTON: ...hearken back to President Kennedy!

CHRISTINE ROMANS: ...sounded like JFK!

Then, he played clips from President Kennedy, whose policies are diametrically opposed to whatever Obama has done the last two years or proposes doing for the next two (or, God forbid, six!)

"Every dollar released from taxation, that is spent or invested, will help create a new job and a new salary, and these new jobs and new salaries can create other jobs and other salaries, and more customers and more growth for an expanding American economy."

JFK called for across the board tax cuts to create new jobs and more growth. Obama doesn't want to release dollars from taxation, he wants as many of them as he can get his hands on.

"If government is to retain the confidence of the people, it must not spend more than can be justified (give or take a trillion) on grounds of national need or spent with maximum efficiency."

If JFK were delivering this speech today, he would have to pause there for a laugh.

The final and best means of strengthening demand among consumers and business, is to reduce the burden on private income, and the deterrence to private initiative which are imposed by our present tax system, developed as it was, in good part, during World War II, to restrain growth, exerts too heavy a drag on growth in peacetime.

Does that sound anything like Obama to you? Me neither!

When consumers purchase more goods, plants use more of their capacity, men are hired instead of laid off, investment increases and profits are higher. Corporate tax rates must also be cut to increase incentives and the availability of investment capital. The government has already taken major steps this year to reduce business tax liability and to stimulate the modernization, replacement, and expansion of our productive plant and equipment.

That sounds suspiciously like a jobs program to me! Or we could raise taxes on business to make them "pay their fair share", even if in reality those taxes are added to the cost of the products you buy, as a hidden tax on the consumer, which is a regressive tax on the poor.

I was twelve years old when Kennedy ran for president. That didn't stop me from supporting him. I still have the Kennedy for President button I wore in grade school. Hearing him again reminds me of how far the Democrats have fallen in the last two score and ten years.

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  1. Truth be told, Obama can be compared to many homeless wastrels and be found wanting.

  2. Uh, let me see if I have this straight, BO basically bullies business by saying they have an obligation to create and provide jobs to Americans to JFK's ask not what your country can do for you, but want you can do for your country. In math, we would call such an act a isomorphism, but there's no fuction (in reality) that can make that happen. JFK inspired people to do and act for the common, if not greater good, while BO takes takes takes while printing money so they can privide to those that are unproductive or down right useless. We in the math world have a word for that: an Inverse. A function that undoes another function and Obama is the inverse, fiscally at least, of JFK.

  3. Another concerted effort by the MSM to prop him up... FAIL!

  4. My Marxist college history professor is a HUGE fan of JFK and Obama -- I wonder if he even knows that JFK would be considered a conservative today?

  5. Tim: Didn't know you were going to school. I went to a state school undergrad and majored in American Studies. Many of my profs were marxist or far left. Thing is, and long as I could cite and justify my position, I was ok. As far as JFK vis a vis Obama, in context, Jack was more conservative than Obama by a long stretch, the two are more similar in style, and as defined in the press. On personal level, I can't imagine Obama being a whore master like JFK was and he certainly didn't come from means as he did. What Obama can't do that Jack did was foster unity and hope. Obama talks it, but he doesn't have a clue how to do it in America and the reason is he doesn't think like most Americans. He himself doesn't not relate to us, he doesn't understand us and therefore he is an ineffective leader for us. Even though JFK was born with a silver plated spoon in his mouth, he got it. This guy just doesn't.

  6. Oh yeah, your prof sees what he wants to see.

  7. Totally, RG. My professor is young (younger than me) so I chalk some of his "seeing what he wants to see" to that. Think about it, if he has only experienced academia in his 30 years of existence, how could he not be a Marxist?

    The other day he was railing on about Michelle Bachmann and I politely reminded him that Obama has committed many verbal gaffes as well, he actually agreed....

    Thanks for the personal note!


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